A view of Esperanza Hills from Casino Ridge POHAH Continues to Have Successes at the Superior and Appellate Court Levels POHAH Continues to Generate Press by Doing Interviews with the Media Thanks To All Residents Involved in This Effort! A View of the Property from a 2018 Flight

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Protect Our Homes and Hills

Protect Our Homes and Hills is a community group in Yorba Linda dedicated to Protecting Tomorrow. Residents formed to fight two projects proposed in the hills above Yorba Linda Blvd. A settlement was reached with the smaller of the two projects (Cielo Vista). The larger project, Esperanza Hills, had its approvals rescinded in December 2016 due to the groups' litigation, but the Board of Supervisors re-approved it in May 2017. This was litigated in June 2017. After the July 2018 approvals were rescinded the Supervisors promptly re-approved the project September 2018. So, we filed another lawsuit.


    School Overcrowding


    Water Shortage Issues


    Reduced Air Quality


    Public Safety Risk


    Increased Fire Danger


    More Traffic


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