Protect Our Homes and Hills

Yorba Linda residents learned important lessons from the 2008 Freeway Complex Fire after devastating losses. We formed, Protect Our Homes and Hills (POHAH) to protest two steep, residential developments above the City of Yorba Linda: Cielo Vista and Esperanza Hills. A settlement agreement was reached with Cielo Vista because the project now has reduced density, significant wildfire mitigation measures, and nearly half the site preserved. All legal challenges with the Esperanza Hills were finalized in early 2021. The City of Yorba Linda has functionally ended the project by denying access across its open space lots for the project’s entrance.


The three-judge panel ruled in favor of the County and developer. The key issues, where the court did not agree with us, were: access (Stonehaven, San Antonio, and Aspen), the Subdivision Map Act, and the rights to build on the city open space. The project can’t be built without the access–and right now the developer doesn’t have it.

In a recent letter, the City of Yorba Linda denies the developer the proposed access and instead relays the project entrance can only be 20-24′ which is the existing road width. View the City’s November 2020 letter. Further, the Blue Ridge Fire burned the Esperanza Hills project in October 2020. Its fire perimeter matches previous big fires. View the map.

It is only because of the consistent help, financial support, and spirit of community that we have been so successful.

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