Appellate Court Rules Against Us

We had hoped to write with better news, but the reality is, we expected the Appellate Court to deny our case and they did. 

In short, the three-judge panel ruled in favor of the County and developer. The key issues, where the court did not agree with us, were: access (Stonehaven, San Antonio, and Aspen), the Subdivision Map Act, and the rights to build on the city open space.

We continue to keep our fingers crossed that the City maintains its position–denying on the access rights across the Stonehaven parcels–and that this loss of access has a meaningful impact and remains a permanent issue for the developer.

After all, the project can’t be built without the access–and right now the developer doesn’t have it. So, even losing this court decision, the project still can’t move forward.

Thank you–to each and every one of you–for all the many forms of support that you took to get us to this stalemate, which is basically a victory.  

In the meantime, we will be monitoring. We will also be implementing the Cielo Vista settlement agreement terms as that unfolds. The key community item in that agreement is the creation of a Fire Safe Council for this area. There is still work to do to make this area safer. Let me know if you have interest in the Fire Safe Council when that item comes up.