Process for Testimony on Tues., Aug. 4th

For those of you interested in speaking, there are very specific steps you need to take in order to comment during the COVID-19 pandemic. As mentioned yesterday, you can either submit comments to be read into the record (WRITTEN) or you can speak your own comments (VERBAL).  We prefer individuals speak their own comments because it is more powerful.

Unlike other past City Council meetings, this one will be held as a Zoom webinar. And, unlike a normal Zoom meeting, you—as a participant—won’t be visible. In order to have comments included, notifications must be submitted by:

  • 3 PM tomorrow to speak yourself.
  • 5 PM tomorrow for the Clerk to read your comments.

Once notified, the City will send you a confirmation of receipt of your written or verbal testimony. If participating in the verbal testimony, you will get a link to the Zoom webinar.

How to Participate In Tuesday’s Meeting
As outlined in the City Council Agenda packet:

  1. Submit an email to:
  2. Subject Line: Written Comments or Verbal Comments (pick ONE).
  3. In the content of the email include the following information:
    • Your Full Name
    • Your City of Residence
    • The Phone Number used to Call in*
    • Comments on: Tuesday, August 4, 2020 Agenda Item 14
    • Subject: Opposition to the proposed grading and encroachment permit for Esperanza Hills Development
    • Comment Type: Written or Verbal (to match the subject line)

* NOTE: The City’s ability to mute/unmute callers is wholly dependent on picking the correct phone number to mute/unmute during an agenda item. Please provide the correct number and then be sure to call in on that phone line you provided. If this number changes, you may not be able to speak. Be warned.

The meeting starts at 6:30 PM on Cable Channel 3 or Channel 99 on AT&T U-Verse. It will also likely be streamed live on the City’s website.

Please know that there is a 45 second delay between what you see on TV and what you hear on Zoom. It is best to follow along on the Zoom meeting if you plan to verbally testify. Your name will be called by the City Clerk announcing your phone line has been unmuted. Assume you can be heard (and are unmuted) once your name is called. If you can’t be heard, the City Clerk will let you know and work to resolve the issue.

In the meantime, we are finalizing our speeches from the team, but today submitted an eight page letter with 40 attachments outlining our position on the use of the city-owned open space for the Esperanza Hills project development. And, we’ve really tried to keep things simple and have created a map for the City Council to reference as we go through our speeches.  You can follow along too… download the Lots A Map for use during the meeting.

We will send out an update on Wednesday about what happened, but thanks as always for your support!