Channel 7 Interview

Channel 7 Interview

We just finished a TV interview with Channel 7 (KABC) News regarding Esperanza Hills. It will air at 5:45 tonight!

Esperanza Hills — An Experiment

Some of our favorite lines from this OC Register article:

“The Orange County Fire Authority is treating Esperanza Hills as something of an “experiment,” said Fire Marshall Lori Smith.”

“The agency also hopes Esperanza Hills will serve as a shield for older, less fire-resistant homes that currently serve as the front lines of the area’s hilly fire country.”

“The agency wants to see if modern fireproofing standards — including roofs built to brush off embers—” (Brush embers off, like little sweepers?)

DO THEY REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING? Esperanza Hills residents will be guinea pigs? Whhhaaatttt?

Read the Orange County Register article.

Supervisor Wagner on Fire

Looks like Supervisor Don Wagner gets it. He is being proactive about fire safety. Check out his OpEd in the Voice of OC.

Sups Approve EIR — AGAIN

Did everyone see this article in the Voice of OC? It was an excellent recap of the day’s events.

Solar Panels Deemed Feasible

Board of Supervisors Vote on Solar Panels –…/esperanza-hills-august-update

Limited vote on solar issue goes before the OC Board of Supervisors. See what the decision was and which Supervisors stepped up on our behalf.

Lawsuit Lost

We are writing because a court ruling just came down on our 2018 lawsuit. The Court ruled against us. The City’s weak letters over the years outlining a wish list of items as concessions from the project–instead of substantive comments–really worked against us. That prompted us to meet with city staff and electeds to find out where they really are on this project.

We asked the City to directly engage in the process, and to develop and use their leverage. We will see if our leaders choose to step to the plate and defend current (and future) residents by demanding a better project—or whether they will continue to passively let this project through.

Another frustration? The developer went judge shopping and managed to get a ruling in his favor to allow the entrance road on both open space lots off Stonehaven. Yep. Disgusting, isn’t it?

We’ve employed several new strategies and will report back on those when details become available (mid- to late July).

There are two remaining lawsuits on this case–so the battle is far from over.

Restrictions in Fire Zones?

According to the UC Berkeley Institute of Government Studies Poll, the majority of Californians support restricting home building in high fire prone areas.

Read the Los Angeles Times article.

Should More Houses Be Built on Fire Prone Land?

There was a statewide poll on this, so we are curious about the local perception on this issue. In light of the massive wildfires causing home losses and deaths… do you think more houses should be built in areas that burn frequently?

The results of our poll: 33 votes–100% agreement that NO, more houses should NOT be build in fire prone areas.

Lessons Learned from Paradise

Check out this article on wildfires and the lessons learned from the Camp Fire which destroyed the town of Paradise in Northern California. Most of the communities surrounding our wildlands are in VERY HIGH Fire Hazard Severity Zones. It is imperative for us to hold our leaders accountable and demand they face the music–we will have another catastrophic fire like the 2008 Freeway Fire. Where is our evacuation plan? Is it available to the public? Maybe we should do practice drills like Paradise. How will you keep us safe?

View the Paradise Post article.

Houses Are Built to Burn

This is exactly what we’ve been saying about Esperanza Hills. “Even the best mitigation can’t make a development fire-proof. Homes can add fuel to fires” and “California can’t solve its housing shortages with homes that are essentially built to burn.”

Read the Voice of San Diego article.