Developer Dealt Huge Blow by Supervisors

Under the leadership of Supervisor Todd Spitzer, the Board of Supervisors, dealt a significant blow to the Esperanza Hills project at today’s meeting.  The developer failed to get permissions to build the project.  Rather, he was instructed to work with the City of Yorba Linda to comply with the City’s higher standards.  This negotiation will come in the form of a pre-annexation agreement that will be hammered out this spring.  The project will be brought back to the Board of Supervisors on June 2, 2015.

Unfortunately, the Environmental Impact Report was approved.  This means the Board felt the environmental impacts were adequately evaluated and mitigated (fixed), which means we will need to file a lawsuit to stop this portion of the approval.

Thank you so much to the near 100 people that attended this meeting.  It was important for the Supervisors to see how many people opposed this project.   Additionally, thank you to those speakers that volunteered at the last minute to help get important information into the record.  Many supporters, County staff and even Supervisor Spitzer complimented the effectiveness of the presentations and graphics.  The Supervisor mentioned it was so effective it could be used as our lawsuit’s Opening Brief.

The Leadership Team will immediately discuss options regarding next steps.  In the meantime, please donate to the cause as we must continue to build the legal defense fund.  Your help is very much appreciated and has led to success.  Please Donate!

Please also take a minute to send a note of thanks to Supervisor Spitzer recognizing his leadership and thanking him for his wise good government decision.  His email is: