Esperanza Hills Goes Back to the Planning Commission

Thank you to all that donated to our garage sale and for the challenge grant.  We brought in nearly $13,000 between both efforts, which really means $23,000! 

And we really needed the money because, just as we anticipated, there is no holding back with the Esperanza Hills project.  We also filed an appeal in February on a few items we lost on in the original lawsuit (so our expenses continue).

Esperanza Hills goes before the Orange County Planning Commission on Wednesday, March 22nd at 1:30 PM.  Please know that you are welcome to attend (and speak) at this hearing, but that we really will need you when this goes before the Board of Supervisors (date to be determined).

And, in a similar line up to last fall, two weeks after the Planning Commission meeting, the project goes back before the Subdivision Committee on Wednesday, April 5th at 1:30 PM.

View a copy of the Planning Commission Staff Report.

Here is what you’ll notice with the new and improved (ha!) Esperanza Hills project:

  1. Still the same number of houses (340);
  2. Still the same number of full time access points (ONE – on Stonehaven);
  3. Yet another attempt at a bridge, this medium sized bridge is in Blue Mud Canyon a little west of the box culvert that had been proposed in the original Option 1 route.
  4. A new location for the Stonehaven daily access… it is down lower near Heatheridge;
  5. The Orange County Fire Authority says the residents don’t need the second daily access, just the fire trucks need the second access point.  (In other words, it really boils down to the public safety personnel and equipment getting in and out on their own road, not the residents).

If you do plan to attend the Planning Commission meeting, please remember to wear red.  We will report out what happened after the meeting.