It’s Gonna Be a Big Week!

We’ve made some significant progress on many fronts and by the end of this week, our lawsuit will be filed. This email will update you on several items.

First, tonight the team will be reviewing the petition (lawsuit) and our aim is to file it with the courts tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted when this actually happens. Since the administrative record is so large, our attorney has included quite a bit in the suit, allowing us flexibility in our briefs in thefuture. In terms of timing, once the suit is filed, a schedule will be set up with various deadlines. These are simply deadlines, there is no positive or negative outcome associated with any of them.

Second, we are pleased to announce that we have met the $2,000 match for June—the fifth month in a row we’ve met the match. In addition to the $2,000 monthly match, you’ll recall that we also have a $15,000 challenge grant that needs to be met by the end of July. We are almost there—we have $6,940 to bring in over the next four weeks to meet this challenge grant. We hope you can consider giving as generously as you can to support this community effort. Please also consider a monthly donation to ensure we have funds throughout the year. Download the monthly giving form.

Third, Protect Our Homes and Hills participated in the Main Street Merchant’s Association on Saturday night. We were pleased to be able to inform other Yorba Linda and area residents about the Esperanza Hills project. If you know of any other opportunities to help spread the message at a community event, please let us know by responding to this email.l

This will be a big week, stay tuned.