Lawsuit Lost

We are writing because a court ruling just came down on our 2018 lawsuit. The Court ruled against us. The City’s weak letters over the years outlining a wish list of items as concessions from the project–instead of substantive comments–really worked against us. That prompted us to meet with city staff and electeds to find out where they really are on this project.

We asked the City to directly engage in the process, and to develop and use their leverage. We will see if our leaders choose to step to the plate and defend current (and future) residents by demanding a better project—or whether they will continue to passively let this project through.

Another frustration? The developer went judge shopping and managed to get a ruling in his favor to allow the entrance road on both open space lots off Stonehaven. Yep. Disgusting, isn’t it?

We’ve employed several new strategies and will report back on those when details become available (mid- to late July).

There are two remaining lawsuits on this case–so the battle is far from over.