May Garage Sale — New Opportunity to Sort/Donate

We’ve built a lot of community spirit over the last two years and we thought a community-garage sale might be a fun way to fundraise AND bring people together.  If you plan on doing some spring cleaning please donate your items to this effort.

We are offering our second garage sale on May 21st at the Ensign home (4805 Via Del Corral). The first garage sale was on the “San Antonio” side and this one is on the “Via Del Agua/Stonehaven” side.  To help, all you need to do is drop your stuff off.  There is no need to do your own sale—join ours instead! Stay tuned for the drop off location and dates.  Meanwhile, get a jump on your spring cleaning and set aside your stuff which will be sold to “Protect Tomorrow.”

Items We Will Accept
We all know some things sell like hotcakes and somethings don’t.  We want to focus on the hotcake items.  So we are limiting what we will accept to the following types of items:

  • Clothing/Shoes (all sizes, including: men, women, children and infant)
  • Baby/Toddler Items (toys, books, games, supplies, strollers, high chairs, etc.)
  • Household Items (blenders, pots/pans, coffee makers, toaster ovens, vacuums, etc.)
  • Small Electronics (stereos, DVD players, phones, tablets, printers, etc.)

Absolutely no furniture will be taken for these garage sales.  Normally, those items don’t sell and then become a hassle for us to deal with afterwards.