KCET Interview to Air 1/15

KCET Interview to Air 1/15

Protect Our Homes and Hills Leadership Team member Joe Byrne, Hills For Everyone consultant Melanie Schlotterbeck, and Yorba Linda resident Ed Schumann were recently interviewed for a KCET-TV program. It is scheduled to air on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 8:00 PM on KCET-TV’s program Socal Connected. Stay tuned!

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Help Us Ring in the New Year

The comparison between the town of Paradise, which was wiped off the map in the 2018 Camp Fire, and the proposed Esperanza Hills project are eerily similar. Both locations:

•    Are situated in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones;
•    Have burned multiple times before;
•    Have limited evacuation route options; and,
•    During a mega-fire had massive wind gusts and sustained winds blowing embers miles ahead of the flame front.

It’s because of the dangerous nature of the Esperanza Hills project—and now others around the state—that we fight.

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As we’ve argued before… even our bedrooms require two exits, so should this project. Because we endured the trauma of the 2008 Freeway Fire, we know the streets couldn’t handle existing residents.

Adding more residents to those same streets, worsens the problem–it doesn’t fix it.

In a December 11, 2018 article in the Press Democrat, a 30-year veteran of CalFire says:

“Government and citizens must act differently to protect lives and property from fires that now routinely threaten large populations. That may mean rethinking subdivisions in … Southern California canyons lined with tinder-dry chaparral.”

That’s pretty serious, right?  When our veteran firefighters say we need to think about where we are putting people–that’s a big deal.

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It is hard to believe we are still fighting the Esperanza Hills project! Your support has made this possible. Thank you!

We recently heard from one supporter that they couldn’t believe how, after all that has happened across California, the Board of Supervisors is so willing to still put people in harm’s way. 

We don’t understand it either. We still hear the echoes of the Freeway Complex Fire. 

We just filed another lawsuit in late October. To continue to engage in this battle, we need your financial support right now. 

Why do we fight? Because we remember the Camp Fire in Butte County from November. Eighty-five people died because the fire moved a mile every FOUR seconds and they couldn’t evacuate fast enough or didn’t know the fire was upon them.

Why do we fight? Because nearly 14,000 homes were burned down in the Camp Fire. The entire community of Paradise was wiped off the map in hours.

We fight because, if we don’t stand up to this corrupt and dangerous planning process, lives will be lost.

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We fight because we don’t ever want a Camp Fire to happen here in Yorba Linda. We don’t ever want to face the gridlock of panicked neighbors trying to escape the flames. We don’t want to see another home burn down or another friend or family member’s life at risk.

That’s why we fight. And, fight we must. Residents are still engaged in fighting this terrible project because it matters—our lives and property are at stake. 

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Why We Fight …

And this is why we fight Esperanza Hills. Read this personal account of the Escape from Paradise by one man and his cat. It is terrifying and very real for us in Yorba Linda.

View the article “Escape from Paradise.”

Video Footage Requested

We are in need of video footage–footage that we will have permission to use and send to TV stations of the Freeway Complex Fire. If you have video footage, please reach out to us via Facebook.

Fire Veteran says “we must prepare”

Nice to see this 30 year fire veteran say we need to stop building in fire-prone areas or we will keep seeing this wildfire devastation, which gets WORSE every year.

“City planners must prepare communities “unlike we ever have before” with easy evacuation routes and new evacuation centers.”

That’s why we are fighting Esperanza Hills… IT. ISN’T. SAFE–especially with only one way out. We couldn’t get out in 2008, how will adding more people/cars to the streets work? It won’t.

View the KTLA article.

Ventura, the “latest” Example

This is so frustrating. Everything we’ve been saying about the Esperanza Hills project was witnessed here in Ventura:
1. Even homes built to the highest fire standards aren’t fire proof.
2. Homes that ignite (at all) are more likely burn down entirely.
3. It isn’t how the houses are constructed, it is WHERE they are constructed.

View the LAist article.

Spectrum Interview Aired 12/3

In case you missed it… here is the interview on Spectrum News. Great job Joe Byrne and Melanie Schlotterbeck for getting the message out.

View the Spectrum Interview.

Lessons From the Camp Fire

This article has some great insights and hinges on what we have been saying for years. All evacuation plans go out the window. They had them in place in Paradise too. We can control our own destiny. Michelle Steel Supervisor Andrew Do Supervisor Lisa Bartlett are you listening to what the experts are saying? How will history be written about your legacy?

Thank you Supervisor Todd Spitzer for your leadership. We will ALWAYS continue to fight for the safety of our citizens of YORBA LINDA and learn from the lessons of current tragedies. Our thoughts are with the Woolsey and Camp Fire victims as we commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Freeway Complex Fire in 2008.

View the Daily Democrat article.

Spectrum News Interview to Air Soon!

Spectrum News just launches a LOCALnews channel. They recently interviewed us on the Esperanza Hills project. When we know when it will air, we will keep you posted! Thanks to Diane Kanne and Joe Byrne for being interviewed.