Our Report Struck a Chord

We’ve been watching the various meetings and one recent report struck a chord. At the June 23, 2015 Yorba Linda Water District / City Council Joint Advisory Meeting, the minutes reflect the following:

“City Manager Pulone updated the Committee on the Esperanza Hills and Cielo Vista development projects. … He stated that the two developments will work collectively to solve their access points and water tank issues being that the developments are adjacent to one another.”

Interesting that the City is confirming the two developers will work collectively. The letters we’ve seen don’t seem to reflect that and our conversations with the representatives for Cielo Vista don’t reflect that either. Does the phrase “Behind Closed Doors” ring a bell?

This also brings up a good point about water—a point that we’ve been making all along. Under what scenario is it okay to ask all of Yorba Linda to conserve 36% of its water and then in the same breath allow the Esperanza Hills project to move forward when those houses will uses 2.5x the average water use PRE-water restriction!? (not to mention the potable water used for two years of grading)! As many of you heard, the Yorba Linda Water District is now doing a rate hike to make up for lost revenues. This is the type of thing that really irks us.

As you know, we are progressing in our lawsuit against the Esperanza Hills project. We are also sending out updates on the lawsuit’s status separately—to those that have donated to support the effort. To receive the updates, please make a contribution to the Yorba Linda Defense via our fiscal sponsor Hills For Everyone and you can be “in the know.”