All in all I’d rather be in our shoes…

Look at it this way. The developer, who is willing to put lives at risk to make a buck, is spending oodles against those of us trying to save lives.

He had to pay the $1200 an hour legal fees to fight the original 2015 lawsuit. And he had to pay the County’s costs as well.

Now he has to pay those same fees to fight our appeal of the 2015 lawsuit. And he has to pay the County’s expenses too.

With the May project approval, the County will contend they have complied with the Court. We will substantiate how they haven’t. He will pay for that as well.

We also filed a lawsuit on the May project approval and so did Cielo Vista.  He will be carrying the costs of those two lawsuits as well as the County’s costs.

There are many of us, there is only one of him.

We are half way to our $5000 match. Join in and get us to the goal. We can do this.

Donate online or send in a check to Hills For Everyone at P.O. Box 9835, Brea, CA 92822.  Be sure to write YL Defense on the memo.