Challenge Grant Offered! Donate Now

As you know, residents have been diligently working to stop the Esperanza Hills project for FIVE years.  To do this, it costs money–especially when the developer keeps changing the project at nearly every meeting.

We have NEVER been in a stronger position.  Why?  Residents won the lawsuit last July–this court victory is hard to come by in Orange County.  And, the Judge’s ruling forced the Board of Supervisors to overturn the project.

So where does the developer stand right now?

  • His project’s entitlements were overturned (his current zoning under the County is one unit per four acres, so a maximum of 117 units).
  • His project’s environmental documents were de-certified.
  • His project was remanded back to the Orange County Planning Commission.
  • He’s opted to terminate negotiations to get access across to Aspen.
  • He’s redesigned his hair-brained bridge idea multiple times now.

Our attorney continues to be amazing with the shenanigans played by the developer–having never witnessed some of this in his 30+ years of practice. But, all of these victories come at a price.  

Our legal fees continue to mount as this drags on.  That’s why we are so lucky that an anonymous donor stepped forward to offer a $10,000 challenge grant.  Every dollar donated will be matched dollar for dollar through the end of February.  Donate now.

The developer’s legal fees are billed at $1200 per hour, while our legal fees are billed at a significantly reduced rate of $200 an hour. So, when you make your donation, consider this: $25 = 7.5 minutes of his time, $50 = 15 minutes, $100 = 30 minutes, $200 = one hour.

If every person on this email list donated $250 this month and then enrolled as a monthly donor at $100 per month, we’d be set.  Can we count on you?

Make a tax deductible donation to support your neighbors and stop Esperanza Hills.

We are sure the developer is surprised the residents are still at it.  And know that we are more committed than ever.  We’d much rather be in our shoes than his, wouldn’t you agree?

But, alas, we need your financial help to continue this fight.  It would be a shame to stop here after all we’ve accomplished together.

Please donate as generously as you can and help us match this challenge.