Cielo Vista Meeting Results

Today the Leadership Team listened closely to the discussion the developers of the Cielo Vista project had with the County of Orange Planning Commission and County staff.

Here are a few things we learned this afternoon:

  1. The developers created a new alternative, called Alternative 5.  This alternative removes the 17 units within Planning Area 2, off of Aspen and below Casino Ridge.  It also reduces the density from 95 units to 83 in Planning Area 1. This means the project now ONLY uses the Via del Agua access.  We anticipated this would happen.
  2. The development team commented that they listened to the residents and the City to reduce the density. The project now complies with the city’s requirement of one unit per acre.
    Cielo Vista is in discussions about the Option 2B route (down San Antonio Canyon) for the Esperanza Hills development.  They are however still in litigation about the Esperanza Hills emergency access to Via del Agua.
  3. We also have a time table for future decisions on Cielo Vista.  The Final EIR will be released Monday, October 19 and it is expected to go before the Planning Commission on Monday, November 9th.  The County is extending the comment period from 10 days to 21 days based on the extensive feedback on Esperanza Hills’ Final EIR

We all know that Esperanza Hills and Cielo Vista will forever change the character of our city, community, and neighborhood.  We hope you join us in the fight to Protect Tomorrow from outside interests.  The easiest way to do that is participate in our fundraisers!

Next week, we are hosting another restaurant fundraiser that we hope you can participate in.  We had an incredible turn out at Chili’s and we’d like to see the same for Pepz Pizza. Attached to this email is the flyer that must be submitted to Pepz when you order your meal (dine in, take out and delivery).  The event is Wednesday, October 21st from 11A to 9P.  We’ll send out reminders, like we did before.

The team is also hosting a “Fifty Shades of Green” fundraiser and silent auction on November 6th.  Purchase your tickets on our website.