Esperanza Hills Delayed by Technicality

Rules about government conduct were created to ensure the public had access to information and were properly noticed about meetings and decisions. The County Planning Commission was meant to review and recommend approval of the Esperanza Hills project above Yorba Linda.

Three Yorba Linda residents were able to prove the County of Orange was in violation of the Brown Act (open meetings law) by not posting the Special Meeting of the Commission with 24 hours notice on the website. See the screenshot below (date and time stamp in the upper right hand corner show 1:31 PM with no agenda listed for a December 17th 1:30 PM meeting).

Instead of risking a violation, the County opted to postpone the hearing on Esperanza Hills and instead held a community meeting. Thank you for those that attended and participated. There is a lot of work ahead, but because we know the law and pointed out their violation, we prevailed (today).

Screen Shot