Fact vs. Fiction #3

Fiction: The Yorba Linda Water District (YLWD) has enough water to provide to the Esperanza Hills project through 2035.

Fact: We are in the third year of a statewide drought—the worst drought since the late 1800s when record keeping began.  The Governor has asked residents to reduce water use by 20%. The YLWD has asked residents to conserve by 10%.  Bob Kiley (the District’s President), presenting the District’s Quarterly Report at the Council’s December 16th meeting.  Mr. Kiley said, the two largest reservoirs [Shasta and Oroville] were so low after three years of drought the recent rains made little difference.  The snowpack is also in in a deficit at 40% of normal. He continued by saying, the” drought is not over” and “you have to have water to sell.” He ended with the following quote, “It would have to rain in biblical proportions between now and March for the drought to be over.”  But, the YLWD believes it can supply the existing residents and new Esperanza Hills project water needs through 2035?  Hunh??

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