FAQS on the Lawsuit

There have been a few questions that have surfaced related to the lawsuit.  If you have additional questions, please let us know and we can continue to elaborate on these FAQs.

Who were the Respondents (parties) named in the lawsuit?
The lawsuit named the County of Orange, the City of Yorba Linda and the developer, Yorba Linda Estates LLC, in the lawsuit.

Can we get our legal fees back if we win?
Yes, we fully intend to ask for our legal fees back if we win the lawsuit.  We are not guaranteed to get them back, but attorneys’ fees can be awarded.

Are we responsible for the legal fees of the Respondents’ if we lose?
No, we are acting in the public’s interest by filing this suit.  Essentially, we are what is considered a “private attorney general” because our claims are broad and community wide.  So, we are not responsible for the legal fees of the other parties if we lose because we are working on behalf of the public interest.

Now that the lawsuit has been filed, we are watchful of the City’s actions, but transitioning to a new phase for the Esperanza Hills project—fundraising and outreach.