It’s Now or Never…

We believe the Yorba Linda City Council is ready to approve the road through city parkland giving Esperanza Hills the access they need to make the project viable.

We have the following options:

  1. file another lawsuit, or
  2. work to overturn the City Council’s decision through a referendum.

We won’t know if Option 1 is even a viable option until the agenda is released this Friday—the day after Thanksgiving mind you.

Option 2 will require gathering roughly 5,000 signatures of registered voters in Yorba Linda within 30 days of the decision. This means the signature gathering must happen between December 2 and December 31. If we get enough signatures, it will likely be placed on the June 2016 ballot and voters will decide if it is OK with them to endanger lives and ruin neighborhoods to benefit an out of state developer.

You can thank the cynical and heartless Yorba Linda City Council for forcing this upon us over the holidays.  Collecting signatures in December isn’t something we want to do, but to win this we need to do it.  And, we need your commitment to get it done.

Unfortunately we have to decide right now to pursue a referendum since it takes time to prepare.  That’s why we need to know what you are willing to do, right now.

Please complete this simple four question survey to help us understand what volunteer contributions you are willing to make.  The form should appear below.

We hope you commit to collecting signatures as if your life depended on it, because the reality is, if Esperanza Hills is built, your life may very well depend on it.