Let’s Break Out the Champagne!

We have two important announcements!

The next Board of Supervisors’ meeting includes Esperanza Hills.  Per court order, the Board must rescind the project approvals and decertify the Environmental Impact Report AGAIN. Whoop, whoop!

This board action stems from our win at the Appellate Court in October 2017. The judge’s order in April 2018 required a compliance deadline of August 1st.

We invite you to join us (in your red shirt of course) and watch the Board vote on Tuesday, July 31st at 9:30 AM at the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers (10 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana).

It is within the Discussion Items of the agenda (after the Consent Calendar), so we expect it to be heard fairly early in the meeting, but there is no time certainLet us know if you’ll be there!

Additionally, to celebrate this monumental victory, we are throwing a pizza party in your honor.  We’d like to say thank you and give a quick face-to-face update on what is next.

Please join us on Sunday, August 5th at 4:30 PM at San Antonio Park (between Ridge Park and View Park along San Antonio).  We will be at/or near the picnic tables.

Help us out:

Thank you so much for your engagement on this effort.  We have yet again hit another milestone and are looking forward to catching you up to speed.