Join Us For Pizza on Sunday Afternoon

Please let us know if you will be joining us on Sunday, August 5 at 4:30 for an update on the Esperanza Hills project.  We will be at San Antonio Park (between Ridge Park and View Park along San Antonio) at/or near the picnic tables.

The team is generously providing you with pizza to celebrate the recent victory. Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously (with Supervisor Nelson absent) to rescind the project approvals and decertify the Environmental Impact Report for Esperanza Hills. 

Help us out:

Thanks to those in red shirts that attended the Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday.  Here is a link to the video. Our agenda item (S19B) starts at about 51:00.

The Voice of OC also published an article today on the hearing. We asked for a fair process, with public input, that critically evaluated the project with fresh eyes based on new information. However, Supervisor Do (as stated in the article) commented, “The [project] is gonna go through the planning commission again and it’s going to be re-certified.”  This statement was a gift to us and we’ll explain on Sunday.

A big shout out to Supervisor Todd Spitzer for representing us. His questions were spot on. 

And, a thank you to those that have joined me on the Leadership Team: Sharon & Ted Rehmeyer, Diane & Bob Kanne, Paulette & Joe Byrne, Brian Gass, and Melanie & Claire Schlotterbeck.  Without their dedication there would be nothing to celebrate.

Please join us on Sunday and learn about what’s next.