Make Your Tax-Deductible Gift by 12/31

It is hard to believe we are still fighting the Esperanza Hills project! Your support has made this possible. Thank you!

We recently heard from one supporter that they couldn’t believe how, after all that has happened across California, the Board of Supervisors is so willing to still put people in harm’s way. 

We don’t understand it either. We still hear the echoes of the Freeway Complex Fire. 

We just filed another lawsuit in late October. To continue to engage in this battle, we need your financial support right now. 

Why do we fight? Because we remember the Camp Fire in Butte County from November. Eighty-five people died because the fire moved a mile every FOUR seconds and they couldn’t evacuate fast enough or didn’t know the fire was upon them.

Why do we fight? Because nearly 14,000 homes were burned down in the Camp Fire. The entire community of Paradise was wiped off the map in hours.

We fight because, if we don’t stand up to this corrupt and dangerous planning process, lives will be lost.

Will you continue the fight with us? Please consider a donation by December 31st, or become a monthly donor.

We fight because we don’t ever want a Camp Fire to happen here in Yorba Linda. We don’t ever want to face the gridlock of panicked neighbors trying to escape the flames. We don’t want to see another home burn down or another friend or family member’s life at risk.

That’s why we fight. And, fight we must. Residents are still engaged in fighting this terrible project because it matters—our lives and property are at stake. 

Please donate to our local efforts.