New Monthly Challenge Grant

Thank you to all of you who came to learn where we are with Esperanza Hills project yesterday.  We picked up some very helpful information from residents at the meeting.

For those of you that weren’t able to make it, we have some exciting news to report.  An anonymous donor has stepped forward to offer a monthly challenge grant.

The offer is simple: for every dollar raised it will be matched up to $2,000 per month over the next 12 months.  This means we need 20 people to give $100 a month, or 40 people to give $50, or even 80 people to give $25 a month.

Please consider the cost these projects will have on your life, your family, your safety, your property values and your quality of life.  We don’t want to miss an opportunity to get the full monthly value of this challenge grant.   Too much is at stake.

Why do we need funds? We need to build our reserves going into the March 10th Board of Supervisor’s meeting to pay the growing legal bills and to hire experts to critique the highly technical environmental documents.  We also have Cielo Vista looming out there.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, our strategy is evolving every week as we gain new information.    Please know that if at any time we no longer need the funds we will stop the monthly contributions.

Sure there are naysayers that tout “you’re too late” or “it can’t be done”… but we are fighting the good fightIt isn’t too late and it can be done—we have a 14,000+ acre State Park to prove it.  Join us in tangible ways.

The time to step up is now.   With this generous grant, your tax deductible donation is matched.