Fire Risk and Canyons…

Did you see the article in the OC Register on Sunday, February 8, 2015?  If not, check it out: Why Build Homes in Canyon Areas At Risk of Fires?

The article outlines how houses are sprouting up all over the place in the rural canyons of Orange County (Silverado, Modjeska and Trabuco Canyons).  The problem is they are isolated developments and have winding dead-end roads scattered throughout. “For every house built in wildfire corridors, taxpayers are on the hook, according to experts. That’s because firefighting operations are funded through the state budget.”

That’s right, we are all subsidizing having more homes at the Wildland-Urban Interface.  The fate of these canyons lies with a judge.  Conservation organizations filed a lawsuit on the approval, by the County, on the Saddle Crest project.

Protect Our Homes and Hills aligns with this same notion, that it isn’t safe to build in some areas including the steep, fire-prone hills above Yorba Linda.