Planning Commission Meeting Update

On January 11th, the Orange County Planning Commission discussed the Esperanza Hills project. You may recall, the Board of Supervisors told them in December to consider:

  1. Reducing the project’s density – the developer said no.
  2. Adding a secondary daily access to Aspen – the developer said no.
  3. Analyzing the “Bridge to Stonehaven” – the developer redesigned the bridge, making it smaller and farther east, lower in the canyon. It is now 80 feet long and 35 feet tall and still not analyzed.

Meanwhile, the City of Yorba Linda has sworn in two new City Council members and sent a letter prior to the Planning Commission meeting asking for a delay on any decision while the new Council considers its position on the matter.

There is no NEW date for the next Planning Commission meeting on Esperanza Hills.  So stay tuned–like always we’ll keep you posted.