Sign Up for the Jan. 3rd Referendum Training

We need all hands on deck!  Twenty-two more volunteers are needed for the signature gathering effort!

We believe the City of Yorba Linda is poised to approve the Pre-Annexation Agreement, which allows a road over City parkland and open space.  This patently violates the City’s own laws.

The referendum against the Water District’s rate increase was successful.  They gathered 5,520 signatures in 18 days.  They did it.  We can do it.

We think we can gather that amount in 15 days.  Will you help us?

While it may seem like a challenge, we are ready for it and we’ve anticipated this step from the get go!  We can do this.  We will do this.  Join the effort now.

We believe residents are more important than an out-of-state developer.  We believe the City should follow its own laws.  We believe a promise made is a promise kept. What do you believe?

Sign up to be a signature gatherer—we need your help with this effort.

Our next training is Sunday, January 3 from 2 – 3 PM.  Register here.