Letter to the Council with Supporting Docs

Excerpted from the letter sent by Marlene Nelson to the Yorba Linda City Council:

Dear Councilmembers:

On behalf of Protect Our Homes and Hills and Hills For Everyone, I appealed on November 12, 2015 to the City Council the Planning Commission’s October 28, 2015 decision that a conceptual road on certain City property would be consistent with the City General Plan.

Though I appealed the decision, I was never notified of the public hearing that is scheduled for January 5, 2016.  This is extremely poor form.  In an inclusive and transparent process—the appellant would be notified.  You may want to revisit your process.  I am providing this letter and associated attachments to you because I will be out of town at the time you consider my appeal.  That said, I believe it is critically important that you understand our position that using the land in San Antonio Canyon for a road to Esperanza Hills violates the City of Yorba Linda’s own policies, codes, and correspondence. With the holidays I’m sending this to your home address, so you have time to go through it and ask questions of me before I leave or of the City staff prior to the Council’s meeting on Tuesday night. And, since there still appears to be confusion about our position, this letter should clarify our position unequivocally.

For your benefit I’ve attached with this letter the relevant documents that prove the intent and history of the City and the Tract 9813 developer for this subject land.  The fact that Lots A & H are parkland and open space, respectively, has been unwavering—spanning the last 35 years—until the City has changed the interpretation now.  All of the documents enclosed with this letter have been submitted, in whole, to the City Clerk for inclusion into the record.  For brevity, I have only provided the relevant pages of the multi-page documents with highlights or boxes specifying the exact language or sentences most pertinent to our arguments.  Should you require a copy of any document below, I would be happy to provide that to you upon your request prior to my departure Monday morning.

The letter goes on to include:

  • The Previously Missing Planned Development Document
  • Locational Information
  • Our Main Arguments
  • Supporting Documents

Download the letter and its attachments.