Thanks to our Attorney Kevin Johnson

Surrounded by a crowd of nearly 100 concerned Yorba Linda residents, land use attorney Kevin K. Johnson laid out the game plan to stop two destructive hillside projects: Cielo Vista and Esperanza Hills.  Between the two projects, the applicants plan to level the hills, build nearly 500 new homes, and compromise the public safety of Yorba Linda residents.

Through generous contributions from Yorba Linda resident, Kevin was hired by our grassroots organization, Protect Our Homes and Hills, to make substantive comments on both projects and their environmental impact reports (EIRs).  Now, we await the County’s Response to Comments as they are the Lead Agency for both proposals, which lie in unincorporated Orange County.  There is a possibility based on the comments that one or both projects will recirculate the Draft EIRs to essentially make corrections and provide new analysis.

By way of background Kevin has extensive experience fighting similar developments throughout Southern California and successes in not only delaying but stopping those projects.  He told residents he has never seen a proposed development site so burdened by environmental concerns such as oil and gas operations, methane, fire history and future potential, lack of sufficient ingress and egress, and bisected by the Whittier Fault!  He encouraged residents that this is a fight that can be won.

In addition, Melanie Schlotterbeck from the non-profit organization Hills For Everyone relayed how through 35 separate acquisitions they created Chino Hills State Park.  Through their work over the last three decades numerous projects, developments, roads, airports, landfills and more have been stopped.  She reassured us that it can be done.   Everyone in the room brings something to the table.  Let us know what you bring to the table by completing this short survey and emailing it back to us. Download the “How You Can Help” flyer.

Ed Schumann, from our Leadership Team briefed the attendees on donations received to date—which is a little over $11,100.  To ensure we are able to get through a Recirculated DEIR, providing comments there and at the Final EIR stage with our attorney and other experts, as well as public testimony before the County’s Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, we need to raise a total of $45,000.  The residents in attendance generously responded with donations of over $4,700.  Your support makes this work possible.

We need your support to continue this fight.  Your donations make our work possible.  We urge all residents to give what you can.  Sitting in traffic for another 20 minutes a day, having your home values decrease or risking the safety of your family during another fire storm will impact your life significantly.  We can do this!  It’s been done before!

Thank you to the Thayer’s for once again opening their home to the community for another meeting.  The Leadership Team would like to thank all the residents who came to the meeting taking time away from weekend and family activities.  Most of all, we would like to thank those that recognize the burden of fighting these projects and opening up their wallets for the cause.  Your support is always appreciated.



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