Today is the BIG REVEAL for our new yard sign. 

New Yard Sign

Many thanks to our devoted volunteers who worked through the rain, heat and humidity to get this transition from the old sign to the new one done.  We Y our volunteers!

As you know, residents voted to file a lawsuit, which was our only legal option to delay and ultimately stop the Esperanza Hills project from moving forward.  There are other tactics we may need to employ, but the lawsuit had to be filed within 30 days or we had NO chance to stop the project.

We know the ballpark for our legal costs over the next year… and are now in fundraising mode to reach that goal.

Those that have backed the experts and the lawsuit received (or will receive) a new yard sign today.

Click here to see how to get your very own yard sign.

P.S. If we accidentally “missed” you in the placement of a yard sign, since you’ve donated in the past, please let us know and we’ll get one placed.