Our Next Phase

We’ve entered a new phase of the efforts to Protect Our Homes and Hills.  Here is an update on what has happened recently:

  1. City Council: Watch and Wait Mode. We continue to closely watch the City Council agendas to see what, if any action, they will take regarding the Esperanza Hills project.  If something pops up on an agenda, we will be sure to let you know.  And yes, we will be showing up in our red shirts, when the time arises.
  2. Fundraising: Immediate Needs.  We are thrilled to announce we are just $3,000 away from meeting both our $15,000 AND $2,000 challenge grants.  July 31st is the deadline for both!  Please consider donating to support this important work.  Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor, Hills For Everyone.  In addition, we would encourage you to sign up for monthly giving to help us meet the $2,000 challenge grant EVERY month. Download a monthly giving form and send it in to Hills For Everyone ASAP. (Click on the blue text links and you be taken to the right page!)
  3. Fundraising: Ongoing Needs. An anonymous donor has committed to a $2,000 monthly challenge through next January.  We’ve met this every month so far! But, to ensure we meet these every month in the future, we are lining up several fundraisers that bring the community together and build the war chest for the various needs we are anticipating over the next 18 months.  Stay tuned for how you can participate, assist, volunteer or join us in these fundraisers.
  4. Yard Signs: Neighborhood Outreach.  We originally distributed yard signs to get the word out about the two hillside projects.  We’ve noticed a few signs have come down and we would like to keep them for the Cielo Vista fight.  So, this weekend, volunteers will be removing the “Stop These Dangerous Projects” signs. We’ll have an announcement on Sunday revealing our next yard sign, which promotes our efforts to Protect Tomorrow.

Thank you as always for your support and generosity.  Remember to donate in the next two weeks to fill the gap!

Stay tuned for the “Big Reveal” on Sunday with our next yard sign!