What an Outrage Tuesday Was…

Unfairness just does not sit well with us Americans. We are descended from Adams and Washington and Jefferson.

We know the strength and power of sticking together.  We are descended from Abraham Lincoln and Susan B. Anthony.

That is the stuff we are made of.

The County did not listen, so let’s take it to the home front: Yorba Linda. The City has to agree to widen the easement for the developer to reach Stonehaven with his proposed road. 

We’ve not given up, and we hope you won’t either.  We still have a lot of options, including our appeal.  We’ll have a court date set for early this summer.

Let’s dust ourselves off and put other stoppers in the queue and potential ways to mess up this smelly out-of-state developer. 

Join us for an impromptu meeting in the parking lot at City Hall on Tuesday, May 16th at 5:45 PM at 4845 Casa Loma. We’ll be the ones in the red shirts.

We’ll give you a quick update and then we will head into the Council Chambers (by 6:30 PM) to let the City know that they now have leverage that they didn’t have before.

And if public safety truly is important to them, now is their opportunity to make a difference.