Board Approves a Dangerous Project

Despite well orchestrated presentations and impassioned speakers, the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to approve the Esperanza Hills project, the Environmental Impact Report, and Vesting Tentative Tract Map.

Thank you to the dozens of people that came today wearing red shirts and those who spoke for the community.  You did a great job!  We are proud to call you our neighbors and friends.

The project was approved with one daily access to Stonehaven and an emergency access for first responders (ONLY) through Cielo Vista. Our presentations offered many solutions to overcome the challenges we see in the project.  But they fell on deaf ears.

A big shout out to Supervisor Todd Spitzer for standing up for his community and district. Please phone his office at 714-834-3330 or email him to say thank you. 

All of the arrows in our quiver have not been shot.  We will get back to you when we catch our breath.