What’s Happening with Cielo Vista?

We’ve gotten a few questions from the community about what is happening with Cielo Vista’s land. Per our conversations with the attorney for the project, we’ve learned:

The City issued an encroachment permit to allow access onto the site from Dorinda.

Cielo Vista is NOT grading the site, they are clearing the first few inches of the dirt to decrease the likelihood of new or additional species using the land as habitat. This is common practice prior to grading/developing a site.

This clearing may occur a few more times prior to the homes actually being built. (Read: the development is still a few years out.)
There appears to have been some confusion about process/notifications from the city’s side and Cielo Vista relayed that they and the City mutually “learned some lessons” on this go round.

In short, the development site is simply being prepped, but there is no date certain when future development may begin.