Talking Points Update

We are furiously working on speeches for about 10 presenters to give on Tuesday night for Agenda Item 14 (regarding grading permits for the Esperanza Hills development).

For those of you interested in speaking on your own, there are very specific steps you need to take in order to comment during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can either submit comments to be read into the record (WRITTEN) or you can speak your own comments (VERBAL). We prefer individuals speak their own comments as it is more powerful. We will send details out on registering for either written or verbal comments late Monday by email.

Subscribe to our email at:

In the meantime, if you are NOT one of our presenters, we would still ask that you participate—even if your comments are as simple as: I do not support the City’s authorization for the grading permits on City land. That said, if you can come up with other creative talking points, that is always helpful.

Keep your speech short (under three minutes).

More details will follow tomorrow, but if you can spend a little time today, tomorrow, or Tuesday crafting a speech we’d appreciate it.

This is the one and only chance residents have to comment on this item because it will only be handled at the staff level and no vote by the Council is scheduled—unless we can convince the Council to make the developer prove he has the grading rights he claims.

If you are NOT on our email list and would like to speak and get a copy of the talking points, please reach out to us at: and we will send them!