City Council to Decide Esperanza Hills Items on 11/17


You and your red shirt are needed for tomorrow night’s meeting at City Hall (4845 Casa Loma).  The meeting starts at 6:30 PM.

What does this mean?

The City Council is gearing up to approve the Esperanza Hills project, the road through San Antonio Canyon, the pre-annexation agreement and certify the EIR. And their timing is perfect–it is just the start of the holidays.

The Saturday release of the agenda made it nearly impossible for us to work with our legal team over the weekend.  No one else treats their residents this way.  Why does Yorba Linda? Apparently, we are no longer the “Land of Gracious Living.”

Download the agenda and hundreds of pages of attachments. Most interesting is the Staff Report.  The City would get $6 million and future property taxes by destroying the quality of life and jeopardizing public safety for existing residents. Great deal, huh?
It’s imperative that we have a strong presence at this meeting.

It is also important to have plenty of speakers (in red!) showing their disdain for how Yorba Linda City Hall, staff and the Council conducts themselves.  This is your chance to stand up and have your voice heard about the dangers of this project and how you will be impacted.