City Tries to Squash Public Input

They tried to stop us but we wouldn’t let them.

Last night the Yorba Linda Planning Commission guided by the Deputy City Attorney refused to allow us to use taxpayer funded city equipment for our PowerPoint. This had been allowed at Board of Supervisor meetings and even Yorba Linda City Council meetings previously. After we met the deadline to submit it, Planning staff agreed to show and accepted our PowerPoint yesterday afternoon.  At the meeting, however, the Deputy City Attorney said it was against city policy.

Yes!  After seeing our slides, the City CENSORED them by saying we couldn’t show them!
As you know, the Planning Commission considered whether to take the first step to allow a road, serving the Esperanza Hills housing development, through publicly owned city parkland behind the homes on San Antonio and below Dorinda. If this road goes through, Esperanza Hills will have secured an access to the development. Right now the only legal access they have is off of Stonehaven. Stop this road and we stop this project.

We would have none of it. Leadership Team member, Brian Gass came to the rescue with a small projector and we did our best to show the PowerPoint on the wall of the Council Chambers. The slides were not very clear because of the bright lights and it was small due to the projector’s limited size, but we did it anyway.

In a 4-1 vote (Brown dissenting) the Planning Commission recommended the roadway down San Antonio be found consistent with the General Plan.  We will now wait for it to go before City Council.

Please answer this utter and outrageous nonsense with a donation to fight this blatant disregard for existing City promises. The City promised that the land behind San Antonio would remain open space FOREVER. Donate online now.