Expected Activity on Esperanza Hills

We have several bits of news for you:

1. CC&Rs Needed Immediately. If you live in Tracts 12850 or 12877 (see the streets this covers below), then we are on a hunt for the CC&Rs for each of those developments. The CC&Rs are the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for a development  Something is a brewing and we need to verify it within the CC&Rs, but the City doesn’t appear to have a copy.  We thought we’d turn to you and see if any of you happen to have them.  If you have the CC&Rs please let us know immediately.  We need a copy from both Tracts, so someone from each development will need to step forward. We’d like to borrow them, scan them, and return them to you.

The streets include:

  • Tract 12877: Stonehaven (top of the hill down the east side of the street to Aviemore), Heatherridge, and Cardiff.
  • Tract 12850: Stonehaven (top of the hill down to  Via del Agua), Stirlingbridge, and Devonport.

2. Esperanza Hills Activity. We’ve received word from the developer of Esperanza Hills that they plan to do borings on the property.  These borings will likely take place over the next few weeks. So, if you see activity up there–we know about it. And we’ve asked them to test the soil for hazardous waste while they are at it–we don’t think they will.

3. Court Hearings.  Several of you remember the comments from the Wise Guys Pizzeria night.  We had expected the judge to hear the Return of the Writ on Friday, August 11th but that has been moved to September 8th.  Stay tuned.

4. Monthly Donors.  Thank you to all the new donors that stepped forward to help us reach our goal.  We appreciate your generosity and assistance.  Every little bit helps because we are maintaining four separate legal challenges and staying on top of our legal bills is the goal!

Remember, if you have the CC&Rs AND live on any of those streets above, please email me immediately.