We Were Right, More Exits Are Needed

The team is constantly researching things and asking for public records from the City and the County.  One of the most disturbing things we just got a copy of was a letter submitted to the County from the Sheriff’s Department. It was like pulling teeth to get this. 

Here is what a Sheriff’s Department Internal Memo from January 31, 2014 states:

“The project area includes the 112 home Cielo Vista project and the 340 home Esperanza Hills project
Together, these projects present significant evacuation issues because of their proximity to and the fire dangers associated with Chino Hills State Park. There are five potential entrance and exit points and it is recommended that as many of them as possible be built and that all of the homes from both of the developments have access to all of the exits during an emergency evacuation. The EIR identifies two access points for the Esperanza Hills project which would present evacuation challenges during less than ideal conditions.” (emphasis added)

Yep — this completely validates everything we’ve been saying.  Safety first.  But no, the Board of Supervisors insists it’s safe even when the Sheriff said FIVE exits makes these two projects safer.  There is only ONE daily access for Esperanza Hills.  What gives?  Why is our public safety so easily compromised?

This tidbit is just one of things we relayed to the community on Sunday.