Haven’t Donated? Do So by Monday!

Thank you so much to those that have so generously donated to support this step in the lawsuit.   We only need $3545 to get to our goal of $20,000.

Will you help us get there?

And, yes, just as we suspected, the developer’s team is causing more heart ache through it all.  That’s part of the reason we needed to aim high with our estimate.

Once we’ve got the Judge’s concurrence on the Writ of Mandate–and we expect that soon–we’ll have a better idea of next steps.  Right now, we are focused on the remedy (how the developer will fix the problems with the Environmental Impact Report).

You’ve been with us through it all and we know this has been difficult.  So, we appreciate your contributions both large and small.

If you haven’t already donated, consider a tax-deductible contribution of $75-$100… with fifty families contributing we’ll reach our goal by Monday!  

Donate NOW!