Important Community Meeting in August!

Let’s start with the great news:

You did it!  Thank you!  Every donation in July and August got us to our fundraising goal of $20,000.  Large and small–we appreciated them all! 

We are through the immediate hurdle of writing the Writ of Mandate, now we await the Judge’s decision on the Esperanza Hills remedy.

On to our other news:

We’ve been diligently working on both Esperanza Hills and Cielo Vista since our celebratory pizza night at Wise Guys Pizza.  We need to catch you up on a very significant development.

Please Save the Date:

And last, but certainly not least:

One of our talented supporters has offered three cutting boards for purchase.  We decided to put them up on e-Bay to increase the exposure.  The proceeds will go to the Yorba Linda Defense.  If you are interested, each one is described below.