November 6th Planning Commission

You may have heard that the County Planning Commission held a Special Meeting on November 6th to get details from the developers of Esperanza Hills and Cielo Vista.  Special meetings only require 24 hours notice and we didn’t catch this meeting in time to attend.  We heard about it after the fact.  Information presented to the OC Planning Commission by Greg Rehmer, City Planner,  in January 2015 indicated the City of Yorba Linda did not support the use of Yorba Linda parkland for the new primary entrance to Esperanza Hills.  We were excited to hear this until, we later learned, after listening to the November 6th Planning Commission meeting, that Yorba Linda City Manager Mark Pulone stated the City did support the use of the parkland for the entrance.  So apparently the City is now talking out of both sides of its mouth.  We can only guess as to their official position since no official vote has been taken.

Listen to the Audio Recording from the County’s website.