We Believe. Do You?

We believe we can win this.

We believe in the power of community. That’s why we have united Yorba Linda neighborhoods to stop both Cielo Vista and Esperanza Hills.

We believe the law is on our side.  We’ve made our case in our legal petition and soon it will be up to a judge to decide.

We believe a promise made is a promise kept.  That’s why we will use the power of a referendum to overturn the City’s decision allowing a road down San Antonio Canyon in January.

We believe we have what it takes to win.  The Leadership Team and residents are professional, committed, resourceful, and tenacious.

We believe you support the effort.  Funding this important Yorba Linda based work keeps all options open to Protect Tomorrow.

We know we are in it to win it.  Help us out by making an end of the year contribution (its fully tax deductible) by December 31st.

Your tax deductible end of the year donation will allow Protect Our Homes and Hills to:

  • Pay legal bills on Esperanza Hills,
  • Submit legal letters on Cielo Vista,
  • Hire experts for Cielo Vista’s EIR,
  • Circulate a City referendum,
  • Strategize other options, and
  • Protect Tomorrow.