Can You See Blue Mud Canyon?

We heard at the Planning Commission meeting last week that no one would be able to see the proposed Bridge to Stonehaven.  We think you will be able to see it, but to prove it we need your help!

If you have a view of Blue Mud Canyon, we’d like to get a photo of your view by Friday, November 4th.

This “Bridge to Stonehaven” is now called Option 1 – Modified.  You can click on the image below to enlarge it.  Here is where the bridge is proposed:

We need to know if you can see the proposed “Bridge to Stonehaven” from your street, from your front yard or from your backyard.  Here are possible streets we think might be impacted: (on the east) Dorinda, Via del Corral, Via de la Roca, Via del Agua, Stonehaven, Blue Mountain, Stirlingbridge, Devonport, Thistledown, Heatherridge, and (on the west) Aspen, Twin Oak, San Antonio, Willow Tree, Trail Ridge, and Casino Ridge.

This is URGENT!   Please email your photos to and (1) provide your address (street number and street name) and (2) the view location (front yard/back yard/street).  We need these photos by Friday, November 4th.

In other news:

  • The Subdivision Committee meeting scheduled for November 2nd has been cancelled.
  • Please hold Wednesday, November 9th at 1:30 PM for the next Orange County Planning Commission meeting!  Wear your red shirts!
  • We will be at tomorrow night’s City Council meeting making sure the Council is paying attention!

We need your help because it is now time to Save Stonehaven!