It’s Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves

You now know that the Esperanza Hills developer and County of Orange are “trying” to meet the conditions of the Judge’s ruling.  However, they are doing so much more than revising greenhouse gas section per the Writ of Mandate (court decision).

They are now proposing a massive bridge across Blue Mud Canyon as a primary and singular daily access road to the development.  This bridge exits on to Stonehaven and is referred to as Option 1 Modified! The only other access point for the 340 houses would be an emergency road also off Via Del Agua.

We never said this was going to be easy folks!

Please review the revised EIR and other documents and plan to speak at the meeting.

Here are links to documents we think you might be interested in reviewing/speaking to:

Our attorney, Kevin Johnson, will attend this meeting as well, so you know how important it is for us to be there.

We will be sending out additional emails in the coming days as it is so important that we remain diligent!