OC Planning Commission – Wed. @ 1:30 PM

Last week we updated you that the Esperanza Hills developer and County of Orange are “trying” to meet the conditions of the Judge’s ruling.  While we are still researching things, it seems very clear that they’ve again missed the ball.

We need to show up in full force tomorrow to let everyone know that we aren’t done fighting.

Here are the details:

  • Who: ALL Concerned Residents
  • What: Orange County Planning Commission Meeting
  • When: Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 1:30 PM
  • Where: Hall of Administration 10 Civic Center Circle (Santa Ana) (Planning Commission Room)
  • Why: Because we need to protect tomorrow and that means showing up Wednesday!

We also need people to speak at the hearing on this subject! Stand up and be heard!

Download the documents from the County website.

At the meeting, Commissioners will:

  • Consider the adequacy of Revised FEIR 616, prepared for the Esperanza Hills Project and revised to update the greenhouse gas (GHG) analysis and mitigation measures pursuant to a trial court decision in Protect Our Homes and Hills, et al. v. County of Orange, et al Case No. 30 – 2015 – 00797300 and make a recommendation that the Board of Supervisors certify Revised Final EIR 616 and adopt the findings, facts in support of findings, statement of overriding considerations and mitigation monitoring and reporting plan for the project;
  • Recommend Board approval of a General Plan Amendment from 5 Open Space to 1B Suburban Residential; and,
  • Recommend Board approval of a Zone Change from Al Agricultural and Al-(0) Agricultural with an Oil Production Overlay to S Specific Plan, and adoption of the Esperanza Hills Specific Plan.

We will send one more reminder tomorrow!!